Let’s speak about us human beings. We call ourselves omnivores (actually, our earliest ancestors-apes were vegetarians). Even if we do not consume meat, we can obtain nutrients from rice and vegetables and also convert them to support our daily tasks energy.

To put it simply, human calories come from: carbs (rice flour and also sugar), healthy protein (meat, milk as well as eggs), fat (oil).

But our kittens are different. They are complete carnivores as well as can just attract nutrients from animals. Things on pets consist of muscle mass, fat, inner body organs, as well as bones.

Studies have shown that 52% of pet cats’ day-to-day power intake originates from protein as well as 46% comes from fat.

The eating habits of meat-eating food make the cat’s body undertake healthy protein metabolic rate constantly to maintain the typical operation of hair, skin, ligaments as well as muscles. If the protein intake is insufficient, they will certainly begin to metabolize their body-and after that the hair as well as skin will certainly become unhealthy., Muscle mass start to lower.

The staying 2% of power consumption originates from carbs. This 2% may be the plant fiber carried in the intestines of prey. That is to say, felines rarely require carbs in their natural diet plan.

Some individuals may ask yourself, aren’t felines and also canines domesticated by humans, don’t they learn to consume rice with people, why can not they eat starch?

Leaving apart “development”, canines and cats have actually existed as carnivores for virtually a million years. It is difficult for people to entirely change their consuming routines after just a few thousand years of domestication.

pet food
pet food

Mentioning domestication, it holds true that the domestication of dogs by people is direct domestication. Pets aid humans quest and watch their residences, and also human beings give them food. Gradually, the food of pets begins to be closer to human beings, and also in theory they can eat a little starch. Yet being able to absorb starch does not indicate that starch is simply required for pet dogs. Therefore, whether a pet dog is an omnivorous pet can not be totally concluded.

The domestication of felines by people is indirect domestication (pointed out in guide “Affection” written by British zoologist Morris). Felines cope with people as well as only assist people capture mice and also stop them from damaging grains. It does not straight feed on human food, so it still maintains the tradition of carnivorous animals in terms of eating behaviors.

This is why the cat’s body can not convert starch right into energy, and also if the healthy protein intake wants, they prefer to consume their body as opposed to consume starch.

So we now recognize:

The natural diet plan of felines and also pets is meat, which consists of bones, muscles, internal body organs and fat.

Such a diet permits 52% of their daily energy consumption to come from protein, 46% from fat, as well as only 2% from carbohydrates.

All the nutrients that pet cats and canines need can be acquired from their natural diet regimen, such as water in the blood, calcium in the bones, protein in the muscular tissues, oil in the fat, minerals in the inner organs, as well as taurine in the heart. Acid and so forth.