I believe everybody is no stranger to my adorable little hamster “Youngster”! Compared to when it first reached my home, it has ended up being a lot fatter and also has actually come to be a chubby little meatball. Today, let me speak about intriguing truths concerning it!

Kidd has a two-story “suite”. When I initially relocated into a brand-new home, every single time I went upstairs, it would certainly always take the special small staircases, go up the steps, as well as walk through a small flow to the 2nd floor. But now a big modification has occurred: when it intends to go upstairs, it develops into a “climber”, climbing from the railing of the iron cage one at a time, reaching the top platform, and promptly withdrawing into the tiny room. Up. Every single time it wishes to go downstairs, it will certainly not cross the dedicated stairways, but jump directly from the 2nd flooring platform, untouched to delight in the food or most likely to the slide carousel to work out! Haha, my little hamster is merely a magic rat, it can fly away!

Nevertheless, the sacred computer mouse will additionally encounter an extremely miserable time. When, my mom got on a business journey for a number of days. Before leaving, she filled out the trough as well as canteen, and asked us to bear in mind to include them in time. However, as quickly as my mama left, my dad and I left this point behind and forgot! When my mommy got home, I located that the trough and also water bottle were vacant! She promptly included food and also water to Kidd. Kidd appeared extremely thirsty. He held the canteen and also consumed alcohol one third of the bottle in one breath. After that he delved into the trough and also desperately packed his mouth with food. The two cheeks were protruding, and the two spoonfuls of little grains just placed were swept away …

Kidd had another peculiar experience. That day, granny provided Kidd a bathroom, the door of the “bathroom” was not shut appropriately, and the little magic rat in my house “burst out” and also escaped from the cage!

Hamster Kidd
Hamster Kidd

Granny as well as I hurriedly browsed anywhere, yet we could not discover it. It is truly a needle in a haystack to discover this little white round that is not as large as a fist in a space of more than 100 square meters! I even think about the napkin round in the corner as kidd! Under the bed, under the table, behind the refrigerator … I looked around, yet I still discovered absolutely nothing.

However, in the long run, under the “rug” search, we effectively “caught” Kidd that had actually gotten away by the closet in the grandma’s space.

Time flies so quickly, it’s been more than half a year considering that Kidd pertained to my residence in the blink of an eye! It has brought us a great deal of happiness, as well as we additionally look after it very carefully, hoping it will certainly live a happier life!