I have 2 cute little hamsters. They are tiny as well as splendid, concerning six or seven centimeters long. Her tiny round eyes were black and glossy, as well as the fur on her entire body was really soft and smooth, and also it was extremely comfy to the touch. The tail was extremely short, as well as it was virtually difficult to discover it without a more detailed look. One of them is yellow-brown in color, I call it Xiaojin. The other one is snow-white, and I called it Xiaoyin. The two little hamsters are vibrant as well as sensitive, very adorable.

Little hamsters like to sleep late throughout the day. I particularly got a breathable cage with soft sawdust. They entered the sawdust and also rolled their bodies into a round form. They can rest pleasantly in it! At night, the two little mischievousness ended up being energetic, running around in the cage, as if they remained in a competition, and they were not still for a while.

Little hamster
Little hamster

When I was free, I placed them in my palms as well as spoke to them gently to make the hamsters happy. They seemed to comprehend what the little master said. They took a look at me with sparkling eyes, and their mouths moved. In some cases I maintain cleaning my body hair, which is actually enjoyable!

The preferred foods of hamsters are vegetables, reds: radishes, peanuts, apples, millet, etc. Every time you feed them, the two little guys defend me and also consume pleasantly.

I such as little hamsters. They bring me happiness and also are my favorite pet dogs.