I have a child dog, it is a full-blooded German Guard. It was offered to me by my uncle recently.

It doesn’t have a single hair on its entire body. If it oversleeps the snow, it may not be discovered for 3 days. Its sharp ears, tiny and also charming, stand vigilantly; its black eyes shine vibrantly. The keen sense of smell is matchless, the mouth of the “v” blood bowl makes it daunting, and also the sharp canine teeth make it much more effective. Its solid limbs support its strong body. Seeing it so brave, I named it For “White Tiger”.

Although “White Tiger” looks a little scary, it is not. I keep in mind that when my uncle first gave it to me, it opened its mouth large, as well as I couldn’t assist being shocked: What a sharp tooth! I don’t know if it attacks arbitrarily or not. Yet after a couple of days, it was no stranger to me, and also it started to walk around me. Daily I went to the evening market, I held it, which triggered numerous interested people to discuss it. Some youngsters likewise followed the “white tiger”. Yet delicately strolled in advance to clear the way for me, and also did not attack. Only after that did I recognize that its personality is so mild.

Purebred German Shepherd
Purebred German Shepherd

After “Baihu” obtained accustomed to me, they became indivisible good friends. It goes to college with me each day. No way, I needed to drive it to the house again and again; daily after school, it ran out to meet me early, as well as when I came back, it elevated its front paws and also stood out its tongue, wagging its tail to “stand” downstairs waiting for me. Right now, I combed its white hair and went home with it.

My cute “white tiger” is not big, but he wishes to consume a lot. Every night, his mommy needed to obtain a couple of additional pieces of meat for him to consume, as well as Baihu, who appreciated the aromatic barbeque with relish. But in order not to raise an overweight dog, it needs to eat more vegetables. I will decide on the day-to-day nutritious meal.