I once increased two tiny carps, one is called Ball as well as the various other is circle. Although they are dead now, many fascinating points have actually happened while they were still to life. I will take one of them as well as share it with every person.

One day, I mosted likely to feed the little carps. After I place the fish food in, the rounds as well as circle ate them. I just wished to leave, but an intriguing scene took place. The little carps dealt with after consuming. When circle was not focusing, the sphere struck the adhering to circle’s body with its tail. Seeing his success, the sphere is victorious, and seems to be believing: You circle, who is uncomfortable, want to fight with me, now you are suffering. Presently, circle took advantage of the sphere’s satisfaction, not to be surpassed, as well as hit the ball’s stubborn belly with its “iron head”. The round was knocked out thus far in a blink of an eye. The round seemed to be very angry and also “fisted together” at circle. circle additionally seemed to be irritated by the round’s relocation, and strongly counterattacked the round … After a while, both little carps were panting as well as wounded around.

small carp
The competition between small carp

Right now, our “fish farming specialist” mother came. Seeing this circumstance, she fast took some food as well as threw it in. Sphere and circle, who were still messing around just now, quit playing and started consuming fish food steadly. I hurriedly asked my mother what happened. My mom claimed: “I generally feed the food, the amount is very accurate, to ensure that the little carps have adequate food to eat. Today you feed inadequate! Of course they need to defend strong food.” All of a sudden recognized.