For your cat to be healthy, it needs a balanced diet along with a well-balanced amount of natural supplements for cats, as well. A lack of both can lead to various health complications, such as a reduced lifespan and weight gain. The best type of supplement is one that is made specifically for cats. Although many of the common supplements for cats contain the nutrients necessary for good health, some are made with more concentrated formula, so they can be used in place of cat food.

The most common cat supplements are acidophilus and probiotics. Acidophilus is particularly important because it helps to restore the flora (the natural bacteria that live in the intestines) in your pet’s digestive system. If this bacterial equilibrium is upset somehow, there are some symptoms to look out for. Some of them include diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Other supplements for cats may also contain omega 3 fatty acids. Cats are not meant to eat fish oil, so taking an additional dose in the form of supplements may help them meet their dietary needs. An omega 3 deficiency can lead to all sorts of symptoms, including depression and aggression. Fish oils and fatty acids are not only available as food, they also come in a supplement form.

Like humans, cats cannot produce their own omega 3 fatty acids, so they must get them from their diet. However, the quality of fish oil is highly variable, and it is prone to contamination. Most fish oil supplements for cats will contain just the essential omega 3 fatty acids. It is best to buy a supplement that comes from a reputable company.

supplements for cats

Liquid supplements for cats are usually considered by far the best option. They do provide the advantage of being easily digested and absorbed into the body, but they are also the most expensive. The best liquid supplements are usually manufactured from a combination of meat and vegetable ingredients. If you can find a company that produces a variety of good food-grade liquid supplements, you will be able to find a brand that contains everything your cat needs and at a reasonable price.

Supplement companies have to use very precise manufacturing processes to make fish oil pills, and this raises the purity level to an all-time high. The result is that these pills are much more effective than food-grade versions. Even with this increased purity, the price will still be higher. If you choose to give your cat supplements, you should always read the label carefully. Look for the word “preservative” and look for a company that guarantees their product.