The trace elements in family pet food are a very large class important. We know that the trace elements in the body are indispensable. If they are doing not have, it will certainly trigger metabolic disorders in the body. For that reason, every owner needs to supplement the pets with trace elements. what.

1. Zinc shortage
Zinc shortage in pets can create loss of hair, skin redness, inflammation, scabs, hypokeratosis, as well as skin abscess. The parts that occur generally include lips, toes, foot pads, around the eyes, nose as well as environments, abdominal area, various other extremities, scrotum and also pubic perimeter.

2. Absence of VA
. The absence of VA in canines can lead to loss of hair, harsh fur, seborrhea, hyperkeratosis of epidermal hair follicles, skin scabs, second bacterial infections, night blindness, muscle weakness, and drastically can result in deafness, otitis externa, paralysis as well as various other breathing. Conditions of the digestive, genitourinary system, one of the most serious cause death.

3. Lack of VE.
Absence of VE can create harsh fur and also darkened coat shade, hair loss, wet dermatitis, modest diarrhea, reproductive problems, muscle mass weakness, skin damage to young puppies and bitches, and also subcutaneous blood loss.

4. Lack of B vitamins.
VB2 deficiency can cause corneal opacity, flaky dermatitis, muscle mass weak point, scaly dermatitis on the back legs, upper body and abdomen with erythema, watery or pus-like discharge in the eyes, as well as shocking gait in severe situations.
Pantothenic acid shortage can bring about hair loss, hair fading (for example, black to reddish brownish and then gray), scaly keratosis of soft tissues (as an example, skin), skin ulcers on the back of the shoulder and neck, anemia, looseness of the bowels, gastroenteritis, inadequate cravings and strolling Irregular (perhaps because of lack of pantothenic acid, which harms nerve feature).


After reviewing the above factors, do you locate that the absence of trace elements in animals has a common feature, that is, hair loss, so if your animal has signs and symptoms of hair loss, examine whether it is a dietary problem. The lack of micronutrient need to be supplemented in time. We recommend Gudeng micronutrient tablet computers, which are created according to the distinct physiological structure of pets; medically mix trace elements, amino acids and also vitamins to create a reliable formula; this product can properly avoid animals from pica, Secure the wellness of the hair, advertise healthy and balanced advancement, really ideal for pet dogs who need to supplement micronutrient.