Dog wipes or dog shampoo could also be called dog shampoos. But whatever you call it, they are really a form of dog supplements. Their active ingredients are the same as that of human-grade shampoos except that they are specially formulated for dogs. You don’t have to give your dog human-grade food supplements every day like we do our human babies. We give them dog food supplements once in a while for their nutrition requirements.

Benefits of Using Dog Diapers. Cleaning or grooming dog wipes must be without alcohol, detergent, phthalates, parabens, and other artificial fragrances; they all can irritate the dog s skin. These substances may cause dog skin allergies that may result in the dog sneezing, itching, or even bleeding.

Cheaper But tastier Dog Diapers. These are inexpensive dog wipes or dog shampoo that are often made of natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are less expensive than man-made chemicals and therefore are cheaper. They are also not toxic compared to man-made chemicals for fact that these ingredients are not derived from toxic chemicals. So you can be assured that the wipes or shampoos you are giving to your dogs are less harmful to their health compared to man-made chemicals which are more dangerous to dogs’ health compared to human beings.

Not All Shampoo Is Created Equal. Most of the human body products available in the market today are made of chemicals. If you look around, you will find chemicals that are often used for making dog wipes, dog collars, dog food supplements, and dog shampoos. These chemicals can be very dangerous, especially when exposed to dogs’ skin directly. And if these chemicals are not properly disposed of, they can also be bad for the environment as well.

The Effects of Dog Allergy on Skin. Because these dog wipes and dog grooming products are not made of natural ingredients, the chemical residue left on dog wipes may probably trigger some form of allergic reaction on your pets. According to a study conducted by veterinarians from Cornell University, eczema and skin allergy are one of the most common health problems suffered by pet parents. One out of every four pet parents suffers from atopic dermatitis, a severe allergic reaction on the skin of the dogs.

Dog wipes use may cause certain side effects when used regularly. Since most dog wipes use PH-neutral materials, it makes the surface of the pet’s skin oily which can encourage the onset of dandruff and excessive salivation. This then results to dry skin that is easily damaged. Dry skin can trigger the onset of serious skin diseases such as ringworm.

Pet Owners Should Be Very Careful. Some companies add artificial fragrances to their dog wipes which is another reason why pet wipes should never be used regularly. As mentioned earlier, a lot of dog wipes contain artificial fragrances that can trigger allergies especially when the dog gets wet. Some even contain alcohol or synthetic chemicals that can be very harmful to pets’ health.

dog wipes
dog wipes

Pet Owners shouldn’t neglect the importance of dog wipes or grooming wipes. Even if they use grooming wipes only for occasional purposes like taking the dog walks, it is still best to avoid using any other kind of cleaning supplies on the dog’s skin for fear of causing allergies. Always remember that there are plenty of dog wipes available in the market today which are made with natural ingredients. You can simply choose dog wipes that are made with natural materials such as cornstarch or rice flour instead of using dog grooming supplies that are made with synthetic chemicals. By choosing the right dog wipes, you will not have to worry about your dog getting sick from using the wrong dog grooming supplies. So, start choosing the right dog wipes today and enjoy all the benefits that they can give.